membership information

Memberships for High School rodeo are due February 15,2024.

Memberships will be done online again this year. Membership for 2023/2024 is now closed. Please go to and logon to your account or if you are a new member create an account and fill out your membership forms electronically.   Members are responsible for uploading your signed / notarized documents to your account.  Once  you have paid your national dues $174 you will need to send your state and district dues $200 to Anna at the address listed below. National will not accept manually filled out forms this year.

Dues this year are $414

$139 Nationals = this will be paid directly to nationals this year when you register.

$75 State = This will be paid directly to nationals this year when you register.

$50.00 District = High school only

$150.00 Sponsorship  (Business names will be listed in the program ) Sponsor letter can be found under the forms tab on this site.

You need to upload the following items to your account.

1.Your signed membership application.

2. Notarized minor's release all three signatures need notarized and listed by notary.

3. Last official report card must be uploaded to your account even if you went to state or nationals. ( Must  be a report card  not a power school look up.) 

4. Sign grade policy (form located on main page under forms) 

5. If you are home schooled you need to fill out the home school form and upload to your account. (Form located on main page under forms)

6. Concussion awareness form (form located on main page under forms)

7. Chain of Command form. (form located on main page under forms)

8.If you are a freshman or a new member you will also need to upload your birth certificate or state issued ID

If you are from out of state or out of district please contact me to ensure we get correct paperwork.

Sponsorship / Ad fee's are due with Membership, Jr High contestants are required to have a $150.00 sponsorship/ ad as well. Sponsor Money gets sent to the address below.

HS Membership dues and sponsor money and JR High sponsorship monies should be sent to the following address

District 6 High School Rodeo

PO Box 492

Kimberly, ID 83341